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This idea is exciting because we have the ability to help millions of job applicants every year who struggle with the job application process.  This idea came from a very personal pain point of applying for jobs and not receiving any calls back from recruiters.

This idea is different than what is currently out there because we apply AI Machine Learning in a unique way that will increase candidates’ chances of being seen and interviewed by recruiters.  We also suggest a salary to ask for when going for the interview and suggest free e-learning courses when a candidate is missing skills.  This is really exciting and real for me because I had difficulty receiving interviews myself.

Lack of funding is a major issue as not the whole team can be dedicated 100% and leads us to be less competitive as other companies who compete with us have fulltime employees.  We can get around this by raising some funding which will launch us to the point where we can make enough revenue to sustain us.


Middle-aged career changers and tech professionals in the US will benefit initially on the B2C side.  Career centers at Universities and Outplacement companies will also benefit as they can let their clients use our application. 

Candidates who use our application will increase their chances of receiving interviews by nearly three times the chances without using our software. 

We are on track to help 2,500 people get jobs by the end of next year.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The 5,000 will be used for:

1. Customer Acquisition and marketing- This is one of the areas currently we cannot afford to push, meaning we have low numbers of users.  With the money, we will spend it over a period of 5 months and will spend on:
- Facebook targeted paid marketing
- Google paid marketing
-Linkedin paid marketing
- On the ground marketing at career fairs

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About Benjamin Gelb

I am really curious about everything. When I was 17 I became bored with my life in Vermont and decided I would travel. I graduated early from high school and spent the next 8 months in a rural part of Ecuador where I quickly became fluent in Spanish and was hired as a translator. I built a small ecotourism company with a colleague shortly after, and the company continues its success today. I taught myself to code and was hired out of college. I was fired from my job and began Jobgator.

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