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I am that kid who was,in the juvenile, in special ed, the cool kid, i was all those kids i still am that kid. It’s Different because we work with Eco-Friendly companies, our work shops teach kids skills you don’t learn in High School, its about the youth giving them employment opportunities, internships, service learning, finding out their passions ans working on it now. Bringing the youth to events they wish they could be didn’t know it was possible.

the only road block is the blocks we put on ourselves. yes we can get around anything i believe anything is possible.


Kids 14-24 years old as we work with them to give them internal learning experiences. both learning and fin experiences. We will work with kids teaching them coping skills. conflict resolution skills, Intrinsic learning skills, better ways to shift your thinking keeping kids off the streets and in school teaching them the skills they don’t learn in regular school.

The real potential creating kids to think multi-generational and becoming better citizens in society in Grand Rapids and further.

What I Will Do With $5,000

I will take kids from poor or bad low class or low loved schools, we will go on special events like division 1 college games to show kids your dreams and aspirations are very possible. Most kids don’t have money so we want to make sure they rich in experience’s. we will use the money for marketing to expand the company possibly across the country for possible partners and sponsorship’s.

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About Dee Jones

Natural Born Leader With a heart for humanity. Safe Pitch Task force Winner $10,000 MAAA 2013 State Champion GRCC student leadership award many more awards and achievements

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