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Just Duckin’ Hunting Chair

Just Duckin’ Hunting Chair

Tom Kinczkowski 1060 Views

About Idea

My invention that has patent on it, is for duck hunter to sit the marsh (mud, swamps or flooded corn fields) my chair has a back rest on it for support. The back rest is the differences between my competitors and I. The only road as of now is funding for advertisement, selling chair to get funding is the only way around it at this time, so the prize would help for advertising .


The older hunting or in some cases the handicap hunter that needs some kind of back support. The hunter would be able to hunt longer with a way to relax their backs. Duck hunters spend over 1/2 a BILLION dollars a years, the potential is in the MILLIONS!

What I Will Do With $5,000

I have a patent, have a place to make the chairs, have tools, I make them now, I need exposure in the Midwest and Southeast duck hunting markets, so the $5k is going for one thing and one thing only, ADVERTISING ADVERTISING ADVERTISING! In the Midwest and Southeast duck hunting markets!

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About Tom Kinczkowski

58 year mechanical service tech enjoying life. Inventor for a hobby. Love hunting and fishing.

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