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Just Duckin’ Hunting chairs

Just Duckin’ Hunting chairs

Tom Kinczkowski 431 Views

My invention which I have a patent on, has a back rest on it for comfort. The more comfortable a hunter is the long he or she can sit in the blind to hunt.
The back rest is where the difference is, that’s where I leave my competitors in the dust.
Not one of my competitors has a back rest on their chair.
The only road block I see, is funding for advertisement. The way around it is working hard and selling chairs for funding for advertisement.


Hunters will be able to stay out in the field for longer periods of time. If your able to stay out longer,  your able to increase your opportunity for a successful hunt.
For some hunter with disabilities they are able to hunt or able to hunt longer.
Not to mention hunters alone would love to be able to hunt in comfort for long periods of time.
There’s over two million duck hunters, they spend over a half a billion dollars a year.
With these numbers, I think there’s a potential for millions!

What I Will Do With $5,000

I have a patent, I have a place to make my chairs, I have the tools to make my chairs, I’ve been selling my chairs, what I don’t have is money for advertising.
The grant is for one thing and one thing only, ADVERTISING!
I need to advertise in magazine’s in the Midwest and Southeast markets. Also I need to advertise on line to get my chair out for people to see.

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56 year mechanical service tech enjoying life. Inventor for a hobby. Love hunting and fishing.

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