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Kaivas Kouture, LLC

Kaivas Kouture, LLC

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The most exciting thing about my idea is that I get to service woman of all SIZES with the latest trendiest fashion clothes fit for all ages! It’s different from other competitors because it focuses on many different outfits that will be available in many different styles to best fit every season! Kaivas Kouture puts focus towards every individual because not everyone is built the same. With starting a buisness you face a lot of road blocks such as your competition. My goal is to provide excellent quality and 100% customers satisfaction while maintaining an affordable data base for everyone around the world.


My customers benefit WHY? Because without customers you will have no business! Your customers are your main prizes keeping them satisfied is KEY. Many customers lives can change in many different ways one can be the way they shop. Kaivas Kouture will provide models of different shapes in sizes in many stylish clothes that are made for everyone! My goal is to make Kaivas Kouture a part of their new daily lives providing excellent customer service and affordable pricing with great quality!

What I Will Do With $5,000

I will upgrade my online shop fit for customers to further more shop and even chat with me if their are any question that they would need. Also I will pay for marketing such as Facebook ads, Instagram ads, flyers, posters etc. Purchase Iventory so that I can have all items available without selling out on items as fast. Pay models to do photoshoots to better give a look on the products that I will be receiving! And last look for a space so customers can physically try on all items themselves!

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About Shay Brown

I am a 20 year old individual with big dreams and goals. I have a mind for creating & women empowering. I have my buisness license and I plan on taking Kaivas Kouture very far. With hard work and dedication I am hoping to soon be one of the best affordable retail clothing company’s in the world!

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