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Katherine’s Custom Creations

Katherine’s Custom Creations

Katherine Wilcox 257 Views

About Idea

The juicy details include taking custom orders for items such as tumblers, ornaments, decals, etc. and making them one of a kind.  I love to create something someone else will love. It’s so frustrating when you’re looking for something specific and cannot find it. I want to be the person that takes their vision and creates it to exactly what they are looking for.  One of my biggest competitors out there is yeti. They produce tumblers in many different colors but that is a s custom as it gets. I want to give customers exactly what they want. I can take a plain stainless steel tumbler and make it any color and design wanted. Obvious road blocks are funding and getting my name out there. One way I have been getting around these road blocks are participating in local craft shows with ready to sell items.


People who love one of a kind items would benefit most from this venture. If people had a reusable tumbler for water then they will choose to use that and refill it rather than just grabbing a bottle of water. In the long run this would cut back on plastic waste.  The real potential is to get my name out there and have people order and spread the word about my products. An ideal situation would be designing custom pieces and décor for weddings and other parties.

What I Will Do With $5,000

I would spend $5,000 on materials that would help me expand what I can offer such as more tumblers in varying sizes, vinyl, glitter, paint, and etc. I would also spend a portion on a sublimation printer as this would expand my horizons and open my capabilities to new products and designs. Another portion would be spent in marketing locally to get my name out there. I would try to do this by getting an ad in local newspapers, radio stations, and on social media.

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About Katherine Wilcox

Hi, My name is Katherine. I am 24. I am a fulltime student at Grand Valley State University and work full time at Universal Traffic Service in their billing department. I will graduate from GVSU in May 2021 with a bachelors degree in business management. In my free time I love to craft, bake, fish, and travel. In 2019 my family went on an Alaskan cruise and I would love to go back to Alaska. I have also been to Belize. In May 2020 I started my small business, Katherine's Custom Creations.

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