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Kids Jungle Gym Clubhouse (KJGCLUBHOUSE)

Kids Jungle Gym Clubhouse (KJGCLUBHOUSE)

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KJGCH offers pay as you go drop off service for smaller children utilize as respite care for parents whom may not need full time childcare or simply just want a break. We are not a childcare so, that means we’re open to any parents whom may need extra care support. We also offer affordable rental event space for private birthday parties or baby showers. Making it much easier to keep eye on your little ones while everyone enjoys themselves in a safe, secure and exciting space! By KJG Clubhouse not being a “childcare”, we still have to obey the state laws and have a childcare license. In order to get those licenses we will need inspections done that will round up to about $2,000 leaving us with $1,500 left to cover. We have a great chance on getting licensed once we’re able to get more funds to pay for the remainder inspections.


My goal is to provide care for parents who needs a break from time to time, parents who are on the go, parents working part time, parents that are job searching, single parents with children under age 8 and stay at home parents. By parents being able to have access to extra care support it makes easier for parents to find permanent childcare, gain and maintain employment, help out with mental and physical depression and most of all help parents become self sufficient.

What I Will Do With $5,000

KJGCH is seeking funds to pay for inspections to help gain childcare license. We also need staff to care for childcare once business has picked up this will help with payments. We are in need of outside equipment as far as active play activities. We like to invest in more arts and crafts supplies, learning and educational materials, books and hopefully have enough to invest in a mini van to provide pickup service. For birthday parties we will like to invest in theme supplies.

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