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Soccer is the worlds most popular sport and is the fastest growing in the US.  KikinGrass is the only yard game that doesn’t require the use of hands and incorporates soccer kicking skills.  The game comes with 2 mini goals, soccer Ball and pump.  The main obstacles are tooling costs and exposure to the masses.


KikinGrass is a game that utilizes soccer skills and encourages children to get outside. Playing is a fun way for kids to kill time between soccer games during long tournament days, while still using soccer skills. The goals are small enough to store and travel with.  Players of all ages can enjoy soccer without the physical activity. 

Secondarily, because you don’t have to use your hands KikinGrass is the perfect adult BBQ yard game that can be played without ever putting your drink down.

What I Will Do With $5,000

We would use the $5,000 toward tooling costs.  Currently games are being hand made, but ultimately we want to have these plastic injection molded.  This $5,000 will allow us to get our tooling started right away.

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Husband and Father of 2 beautiful little girls. Jesus follower. Mechanical Engineer by degree and trade and I love to invent things. I work for Parker Hannifin as a Sales Engineer and have been with them for 9 years. My wife and I are both from Caledonia, we now live in Caledonia and my wife is a High School English teacher for Caledonia High School. I love all things sports and play golf and basketball regularly. Over the last 3 years I have been involved with coaching U5, U6 and now U8 soccer teams for my oldest daughter. I am also an avid yard game enthusiast enjoying games like Cornhole, KanJam, SpikeBall, Ladder Golf, ect ect. The combination of being involved in Soccer as a parent/coach along with playing these yard games I realized there were no such games on the market that involved kicking a ball. I created KikinGrass as a way for my daughter to have fun playing a yard game while still working on soccer skills. It also turned out to be pretty fun for adults to play. Not having to use your hands, extend a bunch of energy or bend over made it very relaxing and fun to play with other adults at parties and BBQs.

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