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KikinGrass Backyard Soccer Game

KikinGrass Backyard Soccer Game

Tyler Yonker 945 Views

I’m most excited about introducing a fun new Soccer yardgame game that children and adults can enjoy. I want to encourage kids and parents to get outside and play a game together. Kids can have fun playing a simple Soccer game while also improving the basic Soccer skills of kicking and accuracy.

Most current yardgames involve throwing an object. Whether a ball, bag, disc, frisbee, or even a golf ball on string. KikinGrass is the only yardgame that doesn’t require throwing something and is also the only yardgame that yardgame that utilizes a skill from a major sport! After all Soccer, excuse me Futbol, is the worlds largest sport!

The unique KikinGrass goals are much smaller than any soccer goal on the market and they are easy for children to set up.

The major roadblock is our current supply chain.  As we grow in volume we will be able to significantly improve our supply chain.


Soccer is the worlds largest sport and increasing in popularity here in America. Unfortunately in America Soccer is becoming more and more expensive and more difficult for lower income families to allow their kids to participate. KikinGrass has sponsored Midwest United FC and plans to continue to support local soccer clubs throughout West Michigan. We hope to be able to create a scholarship program to help local children play on travel clubs.

What I Will Do With $5,000

We would use the $5,000 as our down payment on tooling we need to make goals in production quantities.

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About Tyler Yonker

Husband and Father of 2 beautiful girls. Soccer coach and yard game enthusiast. My wife is my high school sweatheart from Caledonia High School and we both graduated from Western Michigan. She is an English Teacher for Caledonia High School and I am a Mechanical Engineer for Parker Hannifin. I’m excited to share this idea with you!

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