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I am starting a podcast that takes a cultural, societal and humanitarian view on technology and innovation.

In Silicon Valley, you are heavily immersed in technology but it’s also very ignorant of all the problems and discrepancies tech imposes for the rest of the world.

I was asked “what is going to be obsolete in the next 5 years?” If we take the example of “paper transactions” like signing, receipts, etc., that obsolescence makes sense in the US because everything is being digitized. It’s hard to imagine that being obsolete in somewhere like the Philippines (where I’m from) where so many systems are still tied with paper. A lot of people here are ignorant of that idea.


People in Silicon Valley who need to be more human aware of everything that’s happening outside. People who are recipients of the products being created in the Valley.

What I Will Do With $5,000

I will use it to fund the initial podcast setup (libsyn, equipment, etc.) and for marketing and ads placements. I will also use it for contract worker help in creating sound bites, editing the podcast & my base allowance for taking time off work to commit to this for a few weeks. Once everything is setup, it’ll be easier to get everything else going.

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About Mika Reyes

Mika is an empathetic listener, a human-centric product manager and an always eager learner. She is most passionate about unlocking the innovation economy in the Philippines. I believe in the power of innovation & design in economic transformation. My biggest dream is to augment the growing tech and startup scenes in emerging markets like my home, the Philippines & in the greater S.E. Asian region.

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