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This idea was a winner! Elizabeth Bartlett was awarded $5,000 in July 2015

About Idea

KNITit already has a commercial space on Division, a sole proprietor who is also a nationally recognized expert in 3D knit programming and is anticipating the arrival of a Stoll CMS 303 tc electronic knitting machine. But what will KNITit do with the machine once it arrives? The possibilities of 3D knitting are infinite but the development capacity of Liz Bartlett (sole proprietor of KNITit) is limited. KNITit is pursuing clients in the health care and automotive industries for immediate development and small volume custom manufacturing. While waiting on letters of intent and the arrival of the machine, KNITit’s primary focus is to hire out the expertise of Liz Bartlett to entities such as the University of Michigan. Their Architecture department has been using Liz as a consultant for over two years and will be hiring Liz for a 3 week immersion course on knit programming and machine handling. KNITit also has a desire to bring 3D knit garments and art to the conscious consumers of GR.


KNITit can reinvent products that exist and create products that do not yet exist. The advantage of 3D knitting is the simplicity of the process and the elimination of waste. In one process a CNC knitting machine can make a product ready to be sold. The knit time to create any 3D knit shape will be high enough to accrue a cost that may initially turn a customer away. However perspectives are changing and consumers are looking for products that tell a story. KNITit can tell that story.

What I Will Do With $5,000

Exploration. KNITit has the space, the expertise, and the equipment. KNITit has the potential to create 3D knit products that no one else has made before. For example, to explore the possibilities of knitting a 3D laptop bag which can charge the laptop wirelessly will require conductive yarn, a method of converting energy from body movement (or heat), and a way for the electronic device to receive that energy. 5k would help initiate the development of 3D knit products that do not yet exist.

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About Liz Bartlett

I am a fashion designer from NYC who through training in Italy and Germany became a programmer of electronic knitting machines. I have a passion for 3D seamless weft knit technology. I believe 3D knitting is a unique and sustainable process and the world is beginning to figure this out. I've wanted my own electronic knitting machine since I first saw one in Milan, Italy in 2008. It's 2015 and I am finally ready to make my dreams come true!

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