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Kuntry Cookin Food Truck/Trailer

Kuntry Cookin Food Truck/Trailer

Destinee Keener-Sargent 1820 Views
This idea was a winner! Miamore Koffee was awarded $5,000 in January 2019

About Idea

The most exciting part about this idea is that it will allow us to operate more often, in numerous areas and serve hundreds more with our Good.Affordable.Food. Just in the past year we’ve tripled our customer base and foodie following.

We are unique from other food truck vendors due to our “ever-changing” culinary creations that cross numerous diverse and ethnic backgrounds. We provide food that simply isn’t available in Muskegon rather it be at a fast or fancy restaurant.

A food truck/trailer is more economical than brick and mortar and allows us to reach the masses versus the masses trying to reach us! Additionally the truck/trailer will allow us to bring extraordinary flavor and add to the appeal of new developments in Muskegon.

We have such a huge fan base and community support until the road blocks have only been limited to building enough capital to purchase a food truck/trailer that will allow us to take Kuntry Cookin to the next level of culinary excitement.


Numerous areas that are food deserts will be the greatest benefit. Not only will we be able to take our “from scratch and locally procured” meals to the communities that need them most, but the meals are often healthy and always affordable. We would also be able to hire right out of these same communities.

Additionally, local urban farms/gardens benefit from our purchase of products that are used in our meals. We also purchase a great deal of our meats from our local butcher who benefits too.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The $5,000 will go directly towards the purchase of a food truck/trailer.

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About Destinee Keener-Sargent

I am a mother of 4 who happens to be married to her very best friend in the world. I LOVE reading. My greatest passion is creating meal items for our business. I adore my community and am very engaged in what is going on in Muskegon. I have absolutely NO culinary schooling. I was taught in the culinary school of hard-knocks by a no nonsense grandmother and numerous family members that are chefs in their own right.

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