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Kuntry Cookin’ On Wheels

Kuntry Cookin’ On Wheels

Destinee Keener-Sargent 139 Views

The most exciting part about this project is that we already have a full kitchen on wheels. Kuntry Cookin’ has managed to turn a failing bar & grill around in a years time and now has the opportunity to take the show on the road. We are different from our competitors in our community because our meal fare is super eclectic and revolving. Additionally we’ve managed to be one of very few in our community that has large and diverse following. Our ONLY road block currently is a vehicle to pull our massive kitchen on wheels with. We have no worries as we have started a capital campaign among family and friends to help us reach our goal of purchasing the vehicle.


Honestly, my family benefits most. This business has allowed for other possibilities so that our children have a legacy, something many people of color don’t have. Additionally, the vast community of people of color in which I reside benefits by us being a beacon of change and hope showing that black people are as worthy of equity in this community as anyone else. Lastly, the many youth that I get to work with benefit by seeing that all things are possible with good work ethic and motivation.

What I Will Do With $5,000

We are literally $6,000 from having all capital to purchase a DEPENDABLE pick-up truck that will haul our 12,000 lb mobile kitchen. If we are able to receive this grant, we will use EVERY BIT of it to purchase a vehicle outright. Our goal is to owe no debt when it comes to Kuntry Cookin’. We believe that is a lesson in itself for youth and other entrepreneurs in our community.

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About Destinee Keener-Sargent

I am a wife and mother of four with a fierce passion for cooking and sharing my love through food. I come from the nonprofit world which was ingrained in me through my grandmother. I am passionate about my community and people of color having equity in my community. I desire to be an agent of change so upcoming entrepreneurs don't have as many barriers as we did when beginning a business. I'm just a laid back, community advocate that loves her friends and family!

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