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Kuntry Korn Creations

Kuntry Korn Creations

Destinee Keener-Sargent 309 Views

I’ve participated in and have watched 5x5 for almost 2 years now and have yet to see an idea like mines. No one is really on the popcorn waive. No one is creating flavors like we created. In the short time of introducing this idea to the general public the word of mouth has allowed us to look at this hobby as a profitable business. What’s most exciting about this project is the anticipation from our customers of new flavors. The next exciting thing is creating those flavors. The third exciting thing is seeing the smile on customers faces and watching them savor every bit of our products. At this time, the only road blocks I have are space to produce and the proper funding to build a website so that we can distribute easily throughout the US and track sales. Even these issues we have managed to maneuver around as we don’t let anything stop us from giving the people what they want!


No one truly benefits like I desire until I am able to afford the proper space to produce and distribute Kuntry Korn Creations. The goal is for this small business to benefit youth and young adults by creating sustainable jobs while educating on the benefits of entrepreneurship. We see this idea growing into a franchise in which young adults can easily buy in to and expand throughout the US. The impact goes further than good tasting popcorn…it will change lives and financial statuses.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The 5k would be used to build a website so that we can keep up with online orders. Additionally we would use a portion to lease a small space to produce and store the product and lastly the funds would be used to purchase an industrial popcorn machine as well as packaging materials.

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About Destinee Keener-Sargent

I'm a wife and mom first and a business owner second. After years spent in the not for profit arena I embarked on a what has been the greatest adventure of my life - entrepreneurship! I am a die hard community advocate with a stance for equity, inclusion and diversity. These days there's not much to me but cooking, catering, and creating!

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