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La Mienne - Personal portable culinary kit

La Mienne - Personal portable culinary kit

Mary Colborn 398 Views

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if, when your waiter or waitress hands you a drink and a straw, you could say, “I don’t need yours, I have mine?” and pull out a straw from your own personal portable culinary set?” Wouldn’t it be wonderful to turn down the plastic forks and spoons that are ubiquitous and handed to your whenever you order an ice cream or a meal? What if you could? What if you carried a smart culinary set that included a knife, a fork, spoons, straws and a plate in a small hip stylish container that you could fit anywhere - in your backpack, your purse or your car?

Our idea - La Mienne, which stands for ‘Mine’ in French allows you to do just that. Plastic garbage is a monstrous problem across the world and a major pollutant in our oceans. Simple solutions, like carrying your own water bottles and culinary tools, refusing straws and the like, although small would have far reaching implications.

Especially, if everyone came to see carrying a set as the hip, in thing to do.


Food establishments would be able to save on the cost of straws (which some are being called to eliminate anyway) and plastic silverware. There would be less waste. People of all ages, who would be conveniently carrying their own hip culinary set, wouldn’t be scrambling to find a utensil when they were trying to eat on the run. Similar to how we now carry our phones on our bodies, we would be conveniently carrying our own dining ware. The impact on reducing plastic waste would be huge.

What I Will Do With $5,000

Our goal with the $5,000 is to purchase stainless steel and bamboo culinary utensils in bulk, 1,000 each at first of butter knives, soup and teaspoons, forks, stainless steel straight straws and bent, bamboo plates and copper cups.

We have several designs that we have created using canvas. Our goal with the $5,000 would be to purchase hemp canvas in bulk, along with zippers, snaps, thread and other accessories, as well as the detailing - the monogramming required.

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