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Landscape Dream Maker

Landscape Dream Maker

Gary Krokker 8 Views

Customers don’t know what landscaping costs and they are reluctant to share a budget.  LDM helps the landscape sales person guide the sales process to show a wide range of options and validates pricing on the spot with the customer.  LDM can save from hours of back & forth communication without a commitment from the customer.  It can weed out the noncommitted customers before hours are wasted.  By showing more options & pricing on the initial visit, the salesperson can nail down the realistic scope of work, close the sale for design & estimating work, & move the process to a full on landscape installation sale.  Use the on the spot financing app to increase the total sale even more!
At $5 per use, the contractor will realize a 10 to 30 time ROI on the first hour saved!  Averaging 3 uses per week for 30 weeks will cost just $450/year, save $4500-15,000 minimum and increase sales and net profit!  With 474,000 landscapers in the US, the market is robust enough to support this app.


Landcape contractors will save valuable time by decreasing the B2C sales cycle.  That time estimated at $50-150/ hour is valuable.  Every hour saved goes directly to the bottom line and allows for more time to run the business effectively.  LDM will also increase the average sale, reduce the total # of jobs, & increase net profit.
Customers will benefit by getting the landscaping that they really want, installed now instead of phased in, enjoy their home oasis & increase their home value.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The award will be used to finalize the refined MVP and get it into the hands of the select group of innovator customers.  This will validate the initial testing and fast track the product to early profitability.  I believe with few tweeks, the product can be sustainable in the first year,  and start producing ROI in year two and beyond.  There isn’t any other product like this in the market, so being the first can gain immediate market share.

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About Gary Krokker

I have a marketing background, then entered the green industry over 25 years ago. I have turned landscape companies from being minimally profitable to very profitable using LEAN techniques and sound business principles. Most recently increased gross sales at Creative Landscaping 178% and increased net profit by 768%. The functunality of this app is part of that success. I'd like to share that success and help other landscapers across the country by using this app.

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