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Legend AB

Legend AB

Joshua Kaufman 220 Views

Legend AB is the first user guided audio comparison site built for musicians, recording, mixing and mastering engineers. Utilizing a function that is common in digital audio workstations (the solo button), Legend AB allows the user to compare two or more audio samples in real time via a toggle button.

As a mastering engineer, I wanted to showcase the work that I’d done on a track in a more seamless way. Load up two or more samples of the same song, and then toggle in-between them to hear the subtle and fine differences that often are lost without the context of the original track. Compare different mastering companies, different mixers, mixes that have differences in bass levels, vocal levels, etc… its much easier to hear with context.

The “mix note” portion of the site allows anyone to share audio in a more traditional fashion. With the smart comment button, mix notes become much easier as each comment is time stamped and listed below the track, keeping everything in order.


I’ve personally seen a jump from around 30-40% conversion rate of my sample masters to over 70% while using Legend AB. Mixing engineers can use this to send multiple versions of a mix, as is common in the industry. With the “notes” function, the user can click “add a comment” which time stamps when they’ve clicked, giving the engineer an exact time to pin point the clients mix notes. This streamlines the mix process incredibly, eliminating email responses and confusing revision file names.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The web app is fully functional, so the $5000 would be used to create a payment structure ($2000) to monetize it. A Wordpress App, along with a subscription service is the current plan.

In addition, we would market the service via google ad words ($1000) and targeted podcast advertisements ($1000), and do a final facelift ($1000) of the site to streamline the user interface.

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About Joshua Kaufman

Hi. I'm a recording, mixing and mastering engineer who's been in the music industry for over 10 years. I've worked at studios, management companies, record labels, live venues, on tour, and now am starting a studio here in Grand Rapids. I started Legend AB to help with some common problems that I found in the industry. Highlights: Was an engineer at Pachyderm Studios in MN. Toured with Brian Setzer for 4 years. Worked on Glen Campbell, Eric Clapton, and many other records at Surfdog Records

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