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Life Addicts Studio -  Only 100% Minority-Owned CrossFit Affiliate in Grand Rapids

Life Addicts Studio -  Only 100% Minority-Owned CrossFit Affiliate in Grand Rapids

Whitney Washington 520 Views

We’ve spent the past 5-years helping people create life habits that have completely transformed their bodies and their minds. With stories like a 50+ year old biking more than 140+miles over 3-days we’re humbled and honored to say that our members have taken their level of fitness to a place they never thought possible.

As a CrossFit affiliate, we’d be able to further that work in association with an International brand on a local level. While we’re passionate about serving every person in our community we also realize there aren’t others in our space that look like us attracting our demographic to this type of life changing training. As such have access to corporate contracts our competitors don’t.

Ultimately, with our demographic being so disproportionately affected by metabolically induced illnesses such as heart disease, stroke, cancer & diabetes preventable with lifestyle changes, we feel called to be affect change and believe this to be an ideal tool to impact more lives.


Life Addicts was built to help everyday people be healthier people. Our expansion focus is to now empower through awareness, accuracy, accessibility & affordability.

Beyond weight loss, CrossFIT benefits include increased cardio endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, balance, power, speed and accuracy…AND with CrossFit affiliates bringing in on average $22,000 per month in revenue, becoming an affiliate makes sense for the community we serve AND the future sustainability of our business.

What I Will Do With $5,000

Grant funding from the 5x5 will be used to expedite the initial affiliate application process for our 1st year ($3000); $1650 will be used to purchase a few pieces of needed equipment to ensure we’re prepared to expand our workouts to meet the standards of CrossFit exercise programming; the remaining $350 will be used for our MBE (Minority Business Enterprise) Certification application.

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About Whitney Washington

We are Travis & Whitney Washington, a husband and wife duo passionate about helping people see the best of themselves in the rest of themselves through lifestyle transformations. We have a combined 14 years experience building people and systems in businesses, schools and nonprofits and have been operating Life Addicts as a boutique fitness studio for 5 years. Our hope is to create a legacy of sustainable health and wealth in our family as well as the families in our community and beyond.