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Lingco Language Labs

Lingco Language Labs

Seth Killian 254 Views

Every student learns differently, but every learning platform teaches the same. They don’t take into account student strengths, weaknesses, or learning styles. Lingco is going to revolutionize the way that students learn languages by using A.I to provide each student with a personalized journey. It’s going to give teachers new insights into student strengths and weaknesses, suggest areas to focus on, and recommend exercises for their students. We’re building Lingco from the ground up to be the engaging language learning platform that students will love.

We’ll need to convince instructors and administrators to adapt our platform. We’ll convince them by having them play a major role in developing the product. So far, we’ve received a very positive response from the community with lots of feedback in shaping the platform. To market to the masses, we’ve secured a booth at the largest language instructor convention in the world, where we’ll market to over 7,000 instructors this fall.


We have the opportunity to change how students learn. The education materials market is a $10 billion/yr. industry dominated by three publishers who have become comfortable and stopped innovating. Students deserve access to better learning tools, at better prices. Not only can we make learning more accessible and a more enjoyable experience, but we also have the opportunity to help teachers shape their courses with the goal of helping students reach fluency and become better global citizens.

What I Will Do With $5,000

We need the $5,000 to build an expansive library of exercises, activities, and media content for instructors to assign to their students. One of the biggest complaints from instructors is they can’t find quality materials to use in their classes. To ensure the highest quality, we’re going to hire academics with experience in foreign language instruction to design the materials. In addition to employment costs, the $5,000 will go towards licensing costs for obtaining texts and authentic content.

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About Seth Killian

I've always been an innovator. At 9 years old, I ran a candy shop out of my school locker. At 13, I bought 140 old computers, repaired, rebuilt and resold them at a profit. Freshman year in college, at 18 years old, I became the youngest flight instructor in the U.S and have accrued a total of 1,200 hours of flight time. I want to change education and I believe technology has the potential to do that. As a Computer Science student, I'm fascinated with artificial intelligence and its future.

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