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Little Space Studio Expansion

Little Space Studio Expansion

Alysha Lach White 839 Views

We need a place to work, play, build community, network with clients, and collaborate with other creatives; not just a desk to rent. Grand Rapids is quickly growing a culture of great coworking environments, but they don’t always provide the type of space and amenities that nurture creative talent. For two years we have listened to the creative community and their needs through experimenting with events, hosting workshops, and inviting like-minded creatives for coworking.

I founded the studio on the idea that with access to affordable workshops, professional space, technical equipment, and rentable amenities, we can help grow creative businesses that are sustainable and fruitful for a more prosperous Grand Rapids. This access is essential for individuals who come from all backgrounds and experiences; it’s our most important task. We’re proud to have created the diverse, immersive, and accessible environment my colleagues and I were seeking for ourselves and our growing community.


As a Social Enterprise we connect creative professionals facing cultural, physical and socio-economic barriers to the resources they need and a community they desire.

Our humble little 700 sq. ft space will expand into a 3,000 sq. ft full-service coworking space serving 30-40 creative professionals. We’re offering amenities like photography space and equipment, AV recording booths, crafting and maker tables, art and design supplies, and necessities like call booths, meeting rooms and coffee.

What I Will Do With $5,000

With $5,000 we will be able to purchase our own laser printer, which will bring our printing in-house while reducing printing costs significantly. It’s one of the first sustainable investments that will also be accessible to our members.

As part of our social enterprise philanthropy, we plan to offer scholarships to deserving individuals meeting income requirements. A portion of the 5x5 capital will assist two creative professionals with discounted or free membership in the new space.

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About Alysha Lach White

Greetings! I'm an illustrator and concept artist of nine years, born and raised in West Michigan. Building my own creative business was an uphill battle for years. While I am thankful for my journey, I know also it could have been easier with the right resources. Little Space Studio is where I will continue to run my own business, teach, and work with my clients alongside other members. It is also where I will lift up other creative professionals with the opportunities I didn't have before.

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