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Living Soil Blends with Wormies Vermicompost

Living Soil Blends with Wormies Vermicompost

Luis Chen Aguilera 1730 Views
This idea was a winner! Luis Chen was awarded $5,000 in April 2021

About Idea

Living soil is the latest trend in craft gardening but it is not new. It uses nature’s intelligence—millions of diverse microbes cooperating together to help plants reach their full potential. It is the complete opposite to conventional growing practices that utilize pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers.

Keeping Living Soil Blends fresh with our standards of quality can be a challenge in a retail setting. Soil should be kept in aerobic environments for beneficial organisms to thrive. In packaging that is breathable with micro-perforations. Moisture content is essential. Bags left out in hot warehouses can dry easily.

We ensure the freshness by direct selling to end users or by partnering with retail stores that are able to follow our requirements for storage.

What is most exciting about our Living Soil Blends is that in the heart of each blend is our own Wormies Vermicompost, made locally by diverting thousands of pounds of organics from going into landfills.


Michigan growers utilizing methods such as organic, all-natural, no-till, permaculture, regenerative, will be as excited as we are for this new offering in our region.

Since 2019 in Michigan there is growing industry of home growers and small greenhouse operations that hasn’t yet plateau. Many of them seeking our quality of Living Soil. We are in the middle of it all, excited and centered in our commitment to sustainable growing practices.

What I Will Do With $5,000

In order to sustain and grow our business, we need to mix our soil ingredients more efficiently using a soil mixer. The $5,000 will help us fund a soil mixer and marketing to build awareness on the benefits of our living soil with our current customer base, events and other platforms.

Our line of Living Soil Blends:
- BED, for indoor and outdoor pots and garden beds.
- POP!, for seeding.
- BASE, to add your own choice of nutrients and amendments.
- LUX, our premium, fully amended for pots beds.

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About Luis Chen Aguilera

I have always been drawn to the outdoors and nature’s beauty. Not really seeking to understand but to wonder. My life journey includes lots of accounting and finance, lots of inner seeking through meditation and lots of Worm Farming!