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Local Shuffle

Local Shuffle

Jeremy Schantz 190 Views

The best part of my idea is everyone wins. Business sell a sticker that is provided to them free and then get to keep most of the profits for the sale. Customers get to experience a fun randomly selected song that they know is only from a local band so if they like the song they can be one of the bands earliest fans and get to say “I knew them when…”  and all for less than the cost of an album or a show ticket. Bands win big because they get their music in the hands of people who are obviously interested in the local music scene.


Local businesses, get free money by selling something that we provide and then get to keep most of the sale. Local customers get to check out local bands without committing to buying and entire album they might not like or worse going to a show for a band they end up not liking at all.  Local Bands are the big winners because they get to share their music with people they have never met, but unlike the big streaming services those people are all local and able to come see them live.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The 5,000 will help improve the code on the currently just functional website and also provide a better way to print stickers, as well as marketing.

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