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localites - travel the real world

localites - travel the real world

Raj Suthar 176 Views

Everything! I love the idea and people from more than 100 countries loving it! The response so far from people in the community is amazing and they are really loving the idea of localites.

I am competing to anyone in the world. I’m just competing with myself and trying to do better than yesterday for the community and this project.

We have challenges not road blockers. Accepting a roadblock as a challenge is what making is grow every single day. The main challenge we have for now is reaching as many local people as possible to bring an opportunity in their life.


Everybody in the community! Travelers get benefited by finding an easiest way to explore cities and localites get benefited either by earning hourly or making new friends globally.

What value localites add to travelers’s life is connecting them directly to residents so that they can explore cities without any fear and locals can earn by sharing the knowledge they have about their cities with travelers.

What I Will Do With $5,000

We will be using $5000 for the following things:

- We know that we need to work on the community logo. So for that, we would need to hire a designer to make it happen.
- Another thing which is most important for us is to have a video. We need to shoot or make a video about the community and how it works.

For now, these are the two things I’m focused on with $5,000. If I don’t get from 5x5night, I’ll be investing in my pocket.

Note: I don’t see 2019 in the year list so I’m selecting 2018.

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About Raj Suthar

I'm an author and software engineer by profession. In my books, I write about human compassion and self-help. I have worked in the software industry for 4 years before founding I love to travel a lot and play the piano when I feel about taking a break.

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