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Locker Lifestyle

Locker Lifestyle

Kat Samardzija 3573 Views
This idea was a winner! Kat Samardzija was awarded $5,000 in May 2017

About Idea

Our 4 unique products offer small storage to protect belongings & simplify life during work outs, shopping, travel & more with our American made products. The items in production are: Wrist Locker, Ankle Locker, Little Locker, & Head Locker. All products are created on the basis of function, fashion, & convenience. “Sprigs” products are “one-size fits most,” I make 4 different sizes because everyone’s wrists & ankles are not the same, my fabric is sweat wicking & machine-washable. Their products don’t securely hold contents of the product, their zipper is on top of the product which irritates skin. On my product, the zipper is ¼ inch down to prevent irritation. If the product isn’t snug, contents move and can be distracting. My headbands surpass BANDI pocket headbands because their product doesn’t securely hold its contents, my product doesn’t need to be taken off to get things out of the pocket, & the quality of the fabric is low & not machine-washable like mine.


Although my primary customer is an active female college student, traveler, or athlete, aged teens-mid-thirties, I have served customers, male & female, from ages 7-80. There’s a need to keep belongings safe when traveling, going to the gym, & running errands. Wallet, cash, & card theft is all too common. All my products are machine-washable, made of high-quality fabric, convenient size, & have a zipper or Velcro to secure belongings while providing safety, stress reduction & convenience.

What I Will Do With $5,000

$5000 is an incredible push for Locker Lifestyle! With the prize money I would put $2000 towards materials and packaging costs. (I can move into retail stores once I secure packaging). $1000 would be put towards website development and improvement for my domain: $2000 would be put towards attorney fees for the advancement of my 3 patents on the products I have.

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About Kat Samardzija

Family, fitness, and fashion are what keep me going! I'm a college athlete at Grand Valley State University with a passion for business. I started Locker Lifestyle™ with a desire to create and provide fantastic products for customers who, like myself, enjoy an active lifestyle. The opportunities, places, and people my business continues to lead me to are life-changing. I hope to grow Locker Lifestyle™ into a company that helps support my community and my college education!

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