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Locus - A smarter way to shop local

Locus - A smarter way to shop local

Jill Dejonge 391 Views

Locus brings the digital experience shoppers have come to expect to your local small shop. Our platform brings together a network of independent shops in one place, allowing users to conveniently explore and purchase goods locally.

Unlike Amazon and other marketplaces that are focused on converting small shops into e-commerce centers, Locus helps amplify the value of small shops to reach more customers and provide a better shopping experience without sacrificing their identity and purpose.

We understand that bringing together a group of unique and independent businesses presents many challenges including governance, consistency of experience delivered, and others. This is why we have worked together with many different shop owners from the very beginning to help design a solution that works for both sides of the platform.


The majority of small shops we have spoken with are struggling. They are struggling to compete with big retail, struggling to keep up with changing consumer expectations, and struggling to sustain traffic and mindshare in their own communities. Locus offers a solution to ease the burden on shops while providing customers new ways of engaging with brick and mortar. When small shops thrive, local communities benefit with vibrant retail districts and increased tax dollars to reinvest.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The $5,000 will go directly toward the development of a high-fidelity prototype and pilot in Grand Rapids, MI. This step is critical to validate and refine our concept with users in a live environment before development of an MVP, and the funds awarded will help us be better prepared to clear that hurdle.

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About Jill Dejonge

I have lived in Grand Rapids for 20 years with my family. While raising our 3 kids, I enjoyed volunteering at many local organizations. Recently, I partnered with Eric Haslinger to follow a passion we both have for supporting local businesses. Having worked in a small specialty gift shop prior to raising my family, I know first hand that small businesses are a part of the culture of the city. It is my hope that Locus will add value to both the consumer and small business community.

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