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LOCUS: Shop local, anywhere

LOCUS: Shop local, anywhere

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The most exciting opportunity is to enable small shops to thrive in their communities. By creating new value to shoppers that offers a digital experience to help shop locally, we can shift dollars back to our small businesses and communities.

Unlike Amazon and other companies focused on selling services to small shops to turn them more into global e-commerce fulfillment centers rather than local retail businesses, our goal is to help shops compete by scaling their many benefits and capabilities to more people in their own communities.


Shoppers, small businesses, and communities all benefit from this.

-Shoppers could explore and purchase locally without the hassle
-Small shops could increase traffic and revenue with the shift in dollars spent from big retail to local
-Communities receive additional dollars re-invested from local shops that helps schools, public services, wages and more. (For ever $100 spent at a local business, $68 stays in the community compared to just $43 when spent at a non-local business)

What I Will Do With $5,000

The $5,000 will go directly towards a prototype and small pilot of our solution in Grand Rapids.

Specifically, creating a low-fidelity version of our solution that will simulate the experience and value offered. This will allows us to quickly (and cheaply) test and refine our solution before any dollars are spent on tech development.

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About Eric

I am a husband, father, and entrepreneur. Having previously founded a consumer goods company with a patent awarded for our product, I have the experience, skills, and knowledge to uncover problems that are worth solving and bring unique solutions to market. I have a passion for entrepreneurship and supporting others that also have big dreams. My time, energy, and dollars are spent locally as much as possible to help make Grand Rapids a great place to start and grow a business.

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