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Loop Coding Center

Loop Coding Center

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Loop Coding Center was founded to diversify and add more tech in Grand Rapids. We found success in disrupting the traditional ecosystem cycle thought programming that is both innovative and friendly for diverse youth. With big dreams and a proven record of impactful successes, we are ready to bring our efforts to the larger community.

We are different because our curriculum is designed for all, regardless of previous coding experience. We lead by focusing on gross efficiency instead of gross profit.  We know the impact is made through accessibility and exposure. With the goal of exposing more students to programming, we go to schools and non-profits to teach on site for better access.

One of our biggest struggles has been showing diverse parents the value of coding and our classes.  That is why we are hosting free coding workshops around different urban communities in both English and Spanish to show parents the value of their child attending a coding class at Loop Coding Center.


Bringing more diverse youth and teens into the tech world creates a stronger and more balanced workforce, gives them an economically sound future, and brings more talent into the community.  Loop Coding Center is contributing to the change needed to diversify the tech ecosystem, helping build a stronger and more diverse workforce for the future. With more diverse talent companies will have more opportunities for innovation, both for themselves and for the greater Grand Rapids community at large.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The $5,000 will go towards a new marketing campaigned to promote our classes to a more diverse group of people. 
Marketing & PR = $3,000

The money will also go towards training for new instructors to be ready to teach students of all backgrounds.
Development & Staff Training = $2,000

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