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Love Bites Treatery

Love Bites Treatery

Josie Devon Richardson 2794 Views
This idea was a winner! was awarded $5,000 in January 2017

About Idea

Animal shelters, rescues and fosters rely heavily on donated items in order to keep saving animal lives and finding them new homes. This means that the quality of the products recieved isnt always top shelf. When I was volunteering at my local shelter in 2015, I started making my own treats to bring with me. The dogs loved them, and in an effort to continually be able to privide them, Love Bites Treatery was born. My goal us to provide tasty, nutrient-dense treats to EVERY animal, even those who don’t have a loving home (yet!). My organic, handmade treats are an incredible source of nutrition with many delicious flavors made from real, wholesome ingredients pets cant get enough of. Cut-out shapes are sold, and cut-offs are donated, ensuring that one bag sold ALSO means one bag donated.  So far, my only community exposure has been annual craft shows, pop-up events, etc. This has limited my scope in terms of inconsistency in location and dates.


Since August of 2016, Love Bites has provided over 300 lbs of free, organic treats to shelters, rescues, fosters and food banks across West Michigan. And the more treats I sell, the more I donate, making the potential for of future donations practically limitless. I believe together, we can provide delicious AND nutritious to every pet, everywhere.

What I Will Do With $5,000

Over the last year, this idea has developed from a passion, into a career, and now its is my whole life. My events and expos have taken me all over West Michigan, but I love Grand Rapids, and I’d like to make it the permanent home of Love Bites Treatery. Having a consistent location and doing local business collaboration events will increase shelter donations, boost the local economy AND allows for the potential of future expansion.

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About Josie Devon Richardson

Im 23 years old, I live in Grand Rapids, MI with my two lovely pups and a super cute cat. I like dogs, craft beer, dogs, nutrition and dogs. But also dogs. (:

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