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Love Bus Treatery

Love Bus Treatery

Josie D Rochelle 362 Views

Every year in the US, over 6 million companion animals end up at a shelter. Many of these life-saving facilities rely heavily, if not solely, on donations to continue their work, and are unfortunately forced to turn animals away when there isn’t enough space or supplies to go around. When I was volunteering at my local shelter in 2015, I started handmaking treats with a multivitamin to boost nutrient levels and improve behavior through kennel training with the intent of helping more pets get adopted more quickly. I began selling half to be able to continually donate the other half, and Love Bites Treatery was born.

In 2017, I was selected for the opportunity to open a retail store in Downtown Muskegon, a summer I’ll never forget. The community showed so much support that in just five short months, we were able to donate over 600lb. of treats to Muskegon area shelters.

But Muskegon isn’t the only place with shelters, with hungry animals. My services are needed elsewhere, everywhere.


Since sales began in 2016, Love Bites Treatery and the community together have donated over 1,500lb. of treats to local shelters, rescues, foster programs, microsanctuaries and food banks across the West MI area and beyond.  And this is just the beginning! With 86 million pet owners living in America, if each one bought a single bag of Love Bites per year, we could give every shelter pet an equal bag, every MONTH, with well over a million pounds to spare. That’s change you can count on.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The $5,000 will be used to purchase a vehicle and convert it to a mobile Treatery, capable of selling street-side at a craft fair, or allowing me to fully present at an indoor gala far from home.

In addition to benefiting more shelters in more places, I hope to plant the seed with others that they, too can do what I do, which would offer a future for franchising.

I hope that one day each city will have a Love Bites Treatery - ensuring every pet, everywhere has access to proper nutrition.

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About Josie D Rochelle

I'm 25, I share my life with two dogs and a cat, and animals are my passion. I hope to one day open a Farm Sanctuary so I can welcome animals of all kinds.

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