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LSA Phase II

LSA Phase II

Cindy Bridges 154 Views
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About Idea

LSA has been operating since 2017 with a lots of community support, it’s time we take what we do for our students to the next level. We believe arts education should be available to everyone. We have to constantly grow with our students to continue to being effective and impactful. We want to be able to supply scholarships to 5 students for an entire year with the highest quality materials and experiences possible. Everything we currently use is donated supplies and second hand items, we want to be able to give each area of study, dance, drama, art, music, and creative writing the opportunity to create their own soloist showcase. We will give them the best support we possible can to showcase what they learn in one year.


The impact is for students who may have ever had this opportunity otherwise due to the lack of funds. Students will apply for this opportunity, and be able to use this on future resumes. Giving students real life skills that they can take with them forever, and showcase their art forms. They will be able to make a profit off their shows and also put it back into the program from further students long term.

What I Will Do With $5,000

Create 5 scholarships for students for an entire year of art educational courses. Bring in the best instructors, materials, and supplies. Help guide students with the background of the business of the arts and working towards a showcase to showcase their works and put fund back into the program for future students.

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About Cindy Bridges

I am the founder and director. BA in dance and education. Named the school in memory of a life long friend. Want everyone to experience the arts and not miss out due to money concerns. Background is social work as a wrap around case manger. I love arts and our incredibly talented students.

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