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M30 Bulletproof Apparel

M30 Bulletproof Apparel

Jason Hairston 111 Views

M30 Bulletproof Apparel is a fashionable discreet clothing line. The most exciting aspect about my brand is that you can not tell it is bulletproof by simply looking at it. What separates us from our competitors is our mission. We seek to limit the amount of injuries and fatalities caused by gun violence in America. In doing so we donate a portion of each product sold to families that suffer from gun violence or charities and organizations that mission statement align with ours. There are a number of road blocks involved with building a brand. Currently a lack of funding forces me to purchase small quantities from suppliers which tend to be associated with large cost.


The different application of my product makes it unique. There is a clear use for bulletproof clothing in law enforcement and security guards. It can be used in any activity involving firearms as an extra safety precaution. The impact depends on the different niche groups that have interest. I have also found that people will buy my product simply because it is bulletproof.

What I Will Do With $5,000

Throughout my journey with my business I have focused most of my energy in areas where I am comfortable in such as developing a product. If I were to win the $5,000 the funds would be used toward marketing and getting my product out there. I will try to target niche groups such as gun owners, home owners, survivalist groups, veterans and others who have interest in my product via Facebook ads and by working with different publications geared towards gun enthusiast.

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