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MAE calendar

MAE calendar

Jordan Brasser 80 Views

MAE calendar is an app that not only connects people to the recreational activities in their city but also to the cities they look to visit or move to. It doesn’t stop there. People will be able to sync their Facebook and groupon accounts to the MAE app where their private and public events will then be featured on the app. Once they download the app they will select all categories of interests that apply to them. They click on any day(s) of the week. They choose between 3 different calendar lists (schedule, private events and public events). They will then get prompted by 3 buttons “M”, “A” or “E” that stand for morning, afternoon and evening. They choose which time of day they want and their page will populate with all events related to their preffered type of event, time of day and if public it will be organized by social preference. Not to mention it will organize all of their Facebook and groupon events on a one stop shop.
There are no apps that can do all that MAE can so simply.


Anyone who is ready and willing to delete their Google calendar whole enhancing the organization of their Facebook events. They will want to join the best calendar and events app in the world. This app will help people plug themselves into their city in the way they personally want to be plugged in, by the time of day, that works best for them. The best part of the app is that it’s free to use and free to add an event. Free sells best. The app will earn from the promotion of an event.

What I Will Do With $5,000

$5000 will help aid in getting the app developed. I look to gain the attention of local app development students who can assist in getting the project not just under way but created and ready to hit the market.

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