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Making Good Food. Possible.

Making Good Food. Possible.

Paul Krumpe 350 Views

Our family was transformed as we recognized “food is medicine”, when our recovery from chronic disease was enabled by change in our diet. This change incorporated fermented foods, eliminated processed foods, reduced sugar, and became more local and organic. As people saw our road to recovery, many with similar symptoms and issues asked us for help with their health and diet. Jodie decided to start a company, Cultured Love, producing specialty organic sauerkrauts. In addition to product sales we realize many people are unable to think about, or are resistant to eating well for the sake of their own health. There is a spectrum of resistance against eating healthfully—for some it is a matter of information; for others it is a lack of access to good food ingredients; while some who have access don’t know what to make, or how to prepare good food; and some are either too sick or too busy to prepare their own food. Our goal is to help people overcome at each of those points of resistance.


As we develop delicious, beautiful and nutritious fermented food products, we introduce people to the “food is medicine” concept, often for the first time. They realize they can impact their family’s health and well-being by eating better. When we hire people from the community to create and promote our foods, they also embrace this way of eating and share it with their family, neighborhood, community. We’ll be able transform more lives by providing information, education and good food products.

What I Will Do With $5,000

We now rent kitchen space per hour, which limits our productivity, flexibility and creativity. $5K would pay start-up costs in our new kitchen: Water filter - $700, Heat sealer - $700, Shelving - $500, WiFi temp monitor - $500, Barrel dollies - $800, Packaging jig and Scale - $300, Kitchen carts - $300, 1 mo. Rent & Insurance - $1,200. In a space of our own we’ll be able to research and develop new good food products, and provide space for educating the community to make better foods themselves.

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About Paul Krumpe

Born, raised and married in California. Lived near Washington, DC for 24 years, raised 2 kids with my wife, Jodie. Established a career in software/technology development, focusing my gifts in communication to helping developers and consumers of technology to better understand each other. Moved to west Michigan in 2013, fell in love with the region, people, seasons, the economic climate, with so many involved in “making stuff”, the entrepreneurial vibe. Then Jodie started a sauerkraut company...

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