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Mamo Hospitality

Mamo Hospitality

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Mamo Hospitality is exciting to us, Mike and Summer, because it gives us a chance to do what we love, and utilize our experience in food service from our Grandmother’s kitchen table, all the way to Michelin Starred dining rooms. Our philosophy is to produce “American” cuisine that is influenced from all corners of the country, but is sourced from our own backyard. We want to provide a memorable, warm and delicious dining experience and educate our guests about cooking locally. We are different from our competitors first because of our background in the food industry. Michael is the Chef, and has risen through the ranks in many different styles of restaurants. Summer is a certified Sommelier through the Court of Master Sommeliers. Second we are different, because want to offer a personalized dining experience with custom menus or a custom class designed with our guests.


First and foremost, we will benefit from our idea because it is a chance for us to work within our passion. Second, local farms/butchers will benefit from Mamo Hospitality purchasing food locally. Last, our guests will benefit from having a tasty meal, and also gain a sense of pride for their community of farms and more knowledge about American, local cuisine right here in West Michigan.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The $5,000 will be used to rent space in a commissary kitchen. Currently we are cooking for guests out of our apartment’s kitchen, and until we can move to a bigger space our business cannot grow. We want to become part of the growing food community in Grand Rapids, and move towards being as sustainable of a food business as possible.

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About Summer Knoop

About Us! I am from Michigan originally but moved NYC to study wine full time to begin a career as a Sommelier with a Michelin Starred Restaurant in Manhattan. Mike and I recently moved back to start our dream of owning a business. Michael is from Montana, thats why everyone calls him Montana Mike. He has been cooking since a very young age, first with his mother and family, then professionally. Working through classic French Bistros, all the way to a New Nordic tasting menu in Brooklyn.

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