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man - a hip-hop album about toxic masculinity

man - a hip-hop album about toxic masculinity

Jesse Pepe 390 Views

How do you define a man? For our country to move in a safer, more inclusive direction, our current definition of a man must change. We exist in a culture where men are raised to see women through a lens of domination and sexualization instead of compassion and equality. Ambition and power over inclusion and support. Violence and anger over vulnerability and empathy.
I don’t think there is a better representation of this than in mainstream hip-hop, a genre that this filled with ego, self-aggrandizing, dominance and misogyny. It’s time hip-hop had voice that spoke honestly about masculinity in a way that can be helpful, enlightening, and healing.
I have written an album that explores masculinity in a way that I truly believe no other hip-hop album has. Writing this album has changed my life and helped articulate thoughts and feelings that desperately needed illumination. I absolutely believe this album can be helpful to millions of others in the same way.

Plus, it’s damn good music :)


I myself am a byproduct of a toxic masculine culture. Thankfully I was able to use music as an outlet, and have since ventured down my own unique path of self-exploration, love, and acceptance.
There are so many other men who feel like me. I want to share my journey so that others can share theirs.  The most helpful thing men can do right now is talk to each other. Build a community where vulnerability is shared and accepted. If we as men cannot change ourselves, we cannot truly help others.

What I Will Do With $5,000

This $5000 would help me finish recording the entire album. Three of the ten songs have been recorded, but we will still need to rent a week’s worth of studio time, as well as a professional engineer and mixer, to bring this project to the finish line. This money will pay for the studio time, as well as fees for my engineer and mixer so that we can make this project sound.

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