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Manistee Armored Mobile Markerboard

Manistee Armored Mobile Markerboard

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Protecting students in active shooter situations is unfortunately an issue today’s school districts need to consider. Most school districts purchase mobile markerboards for common areas, classrooms, media centers – areas all throughout the school. The Manistee Bullet Resistant Mobile Markerboard gives schools an option to pair safety with everyday functionality. Current bullet resistant products on the marker are cumbersome, heavy, gray, and don’t fit in with the aesthetics and functionality of today’s collaborative spaces. Our product is different, unique, a product that is functional, usable, mobile. It will be in use and readily available in the space should someone need to utilize the bullet resistant board properties.


School safety is an issue across the country with schools investing in a variety of products and programs to make their schools safer. SAFFE furniture is already partnered with K-12 regional educational distributors across the country. We have the ability to provide a unique product to the market that not only makes schools safer, but is functional, aesthetically pleasing, and is a product that schools will actually use.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The bullet resistant material is costly. We will use the $5,000 to finance testing, and purchasing samples to send out to our key regional distributors. Samples are key to promotion because it gives schools a chance to touch and feel the product. Additionally, we will use a portion of the funds to develop marketing materials to promote the Manistee Armored Mobile Markerboard.

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