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Mariachi Acadamy

Mariachi Acadamy

Gabriel Estrada Iii 907 Views

The most exciting part of this idea is starting something that has never been done before in the West Michigan area! One of the differences between the Mariachi Academy and other Music Academies in the area is that this would be geared only in the teaching of Mariachi music and its rich history. In my humble opinion one of the road blocks is getting the local school districts to “jump” on this great opportunity for not only their Hispanic students but all students that want to participate in this great opportunity. To get around this road block I would sent a letter to all the Band/Orchestra/Choir directors about this project and set up meetings with them.


I believe the students from the Grand Rapids/West Michigan area would benefit mostly from this idea. To reach Middle and High school students to study and learn a style of Music that is from their culture and history. Most Hispanic students are forgetting their true culture when it comes to music and art and I believe that the potential is very good in getting students involved.

What I Will Do With $5,000

I would use the $5,000 to market and make flyers and correspondence to send to the School districts in the Grand Rapids and West Michigan area. I would also go to Chicago and see how they operate their Mariachi Academy also know as Mariachi Heritage Foundation and bring those ideas to Grand Rapids.

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About Gabriel Estrada Iii

I am a local Mariachi/Ranchera Performer with over 36 years of performing Mariachi/Ranchera music. I have a strong passion for Mariachi music and I have performed for many events in the West Michigan area. I recently was the opening performer for Mariachi Vargas in August 2017 and for Comedian George Lopez in November 2017. It would be and honor and privilege to start this amazing project for students in the Grand Rapids Area.

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