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Meal Planning, Grocery Shopping, and Cooking App

Meal Planning, Grocery Shopping, and Cooking App

Jeffrey Boore 701 Views

Current apps and websites attempt to solve one of the following: meal planning, grocery shopping, or cooking. Our goal is to do all three, in one harmonious app.

First, we will work through your preferences to help create weekly menus. For instance, if you don’t like bananas, you will never see a recipe with bananas (GO AWAY BANANAS, NO ONE LIKES YOU).

Planning: Receive a fresh menu every week, allowing for substitutions for anything that doesn’t look like a 10. You can also add your usual snacks and basics. Longterm: We can start to guess what you may be running low on and give suggestions.

Shopping: We’ll tell you where you can most likely find what you need so you’re not searching every grocery store. Longterm: We’ll look to partner with a grocery delivery company.

Cooking: Provide easy to follow videos, teaching essential skills while you prep each meal, helping you step-by-step. Longterm: We’ll allow you to ask for the “next step” so that you never get ahead or behind.


The main target will be those 18-35, the majority of whom have been surveyed to want cook at home more often. Think Food Network-aholics that can’t actually make the food seen on TV.

The app will make this easier, and help individuals live a more healthy-lifestyle as well. The idea is to not count calories, but instead get used to eating healthier foods and learn how to cook them. Healthy food is not scary or bland, but only requires a little creativity and know-how. We can help with that.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The $5,000 will go towards initial app prototyping and development with our development partner. We can get the initial beta app done pretty cheaply, and really start to get some user feedback quickly as we build this thing out.

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About Jeffrey Boore

My name is Jeff Boore, and I live in Grand Rapids. I have a great girlfriend who pulled me over here from Metro Detroit. I am a proud Michigan State alum, where I earned my bachelors and masters degrees. After school I started a GR-based clothing company, focusing ethical and sustainable manufacturing. Since then, I have held strategy roles for Wolverine and Whirlpool. I'm excited by businesses that can help the world become a better place (check out Michael Porter's "Shared Valued" approach).

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