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Meet Nessie.  The first at home deposit return system

Meet Nessie.  The first at home deposit return system

Nathan Arnold 444 Views

Smart homes, grocery delivery services, and apps are simplifying our daily lives. Nessie Solutions integrates into everyday life, taking away the extra trip to the sticky return room at the grocery store. Nessie Solutions will deliver a patent pending Home Returnable Appliance (HRA) to consumers that will process their cans and plastic bottles at home into their recycling bin. The HRA is an app driven IoT appliance that will credit the deposit to the customers preferred retailers loyalty account that can be applied to their next purchase. Nessie solutions utilizes Tri-Verify technology which validates that consumers returnable container is returnable at their preferred retailer and are destroyed to a level where they are not able to be reprocessed. The challenges going forward is the transition from prototype to production, developing a Progressive Web App, and setting up the software needed to create seamless integration with retailer loyalty programs. 


Nessie Solutions has the ability simplify the lives of consumers while being environmentally conscious. Early adopters will most likely be those who already utilize grocery delivery/pick-up and participate in a recycling program. Interested consumers will be provided a Nessie HRA for a $30 refundable deposit and receive $.07 instead of $.10 per container for the convenience of processing returnables at home. If 1% of MI’s 3 million households utilize Nessie Solutions the business is a success.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The grant will be utilized to enhance Nessie’s digital and print marketing outreach to consumers and retailers via targeted social media advertising, web ads, and in retailer print advertising.  If the marketing costs do not consume the full $5,000, the remainder will go towards obtaining certification from Underwriters Laboratory (UL) for the Nessie HRA.  The cost is generally $5,000-$15,00.  UL certification provides the public with safety assurances for the appliance.

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I have started 2 other businesses in the past and have sold 1 of them. The businesses were service related and I've always wanted to create a widget. The Nessie Solutions evolved after realizing that there are so many items can be delivered to your home, but there isn't any product or service that simplifies the removal of items from your home.