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Melanated Tea

Melanated Tea

Denita Erby 299 Views

The most exciting thing about Melanated Tea is that it was hand crafted with love and devotion. We aimed to find the perfect balance of natural flavor and human love with out any added fillers and we succeeded.


In today’s society everyone is looking to artificial beverages that claim to be ‘healthy’ and made with natural ingredients but in reality they are loaded with artificial sweeteners and flavors. Melanated Tea will be a game changer by challenging these false natural drinks and provide communities with actual all natural beverages that are healthy and taste good.

What I Will Do With $5,000

If we were to receive $5,000 we could invest in materials needed to market our product to a wider area. We also hope that with the $5,000 we could reach more African American youths and show them it doesn’t matter where you started from, as long as you work hard and put your soul into what you love, great things will happen. We hope to inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs.

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