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What excites us most is the opportunity to destroy the myth that healthy eating requires a compromise in taste.
We intend to offer an easily accessible, health food service to the general populace, infiltrate establishments that traditionally offer unhealthy options (such as cinemas), and ultimately incorporate educational webinars that focus on healthy-eating hacks.
We certainly have a multitude of competitors, nearly all of which are located in far-off states and ship nationally,  undermining their ability to have substantial healthy impact within the Michigan region and assist local economies through job creation, the utilization of local farm produce, etc.


By placing heavy emphasis on cultivating deals with local establishments, we believe that we are poised to make healthy eating more convenient than ever before, revolutionize fitness centers’ bootcamp offerings, and introduce the masses to healthy food at locations they aren’t commonplace. All of this, in conjunction with our educational content would facilitate locals in developing a healthier palate. We believe we could play a humble role in encouraging a healthier lifestyle within the region.

What I Will Do With $5,000

We presently operate out of a non-profit incubator kitchen that is missing an essential piece of equipment called a blast chiller. Blast chillers are used to quickly move food from the temperature danger zone.
At our current scale we are pushing the limits of the kitchen’s safe cooling capabilities and so we’ve presently ceased focusing on growth until we’ve procured one. We would put all of our winnings toward purchasing a $5,800 OMCAN blast chiller we absolutely need but cannot afford.

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Former Trinidad and Tobago national sprinter • Former senior actuarial analyst • Health enthusiast • Michigander. I am the founder of MenuBubble -- an idea born from a passion to advocate for healthier lifestyle choices and provide easily accessible healthy food where traditionally unhealthy options are all that are available.

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