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MI Camp Hunter

MI Camp Hunter

Brad Covelle 124 Views

About Idea

If you’ve ever tried to reserve a Michigan State Park campsite you know that reservations open six months in advance, but unless you are lucky enough to hit that perfect millisecond your preferred site is available, then you are left checking the reservation site weekly, if not daily, to see if anybody has cancelled their reservation so you can grab it. My wife and I have spent countless frustrating mornings trying to reserve sites at our favorite campgrounds, and I finally got fed up and created this site to do the work for us.
This site does not reserve or book reservations. It simply alerts users to campground site availability. Users are still responsible for booking their own campsites after they receive the notification.

This idea is exciting to me because it solves a painful problem for many including myself. There is one other competitor that I know of that charges a lot to do the same.
The only roadblock now is my time to improve the site and my lack of graphic design skills


People who enjoy camping in MI and those outside of the State who enjoy our State Parks benefit the most as they can more easily find open campsites. The State will also benefit by filling more campground spots that may not have been filled before and indirectly more users in our Parks increases tourism throughout the state and locally around each Park. So while it benefits potential campers directly, it also benefits our great State of Michigan.
Currently there are 300+ unique users of the site

What I Will Do With $5,000

My main goal, is to expand the amount of campsites available with the service. I’d like to expand to campgrounds available on that are in Michigan. To do this, I need a development services company to build that functionality as I don’t have the time or skills to do so. I’d also like to improve the look of the site, add an Alexa skill so users can ask if a site is open and improve the speed by which the service runs.

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About Brad Covelle

I'm married to my lovely wife Kristen and have two kids (10) and (12). I am 39 years old and live in Ada. When I'm not running the kids around to soccer practice or other activities, you'll find me outside hiking, biking and fishing around Grand Rapids. I have a full time job and manage/develop on the side.

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