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Micah’s Miracles

Micah’s Miracles

Micah Chambers 257 Views

About Idea

The most exciting part about my idea is the creativity behind it! No project I take on is the same and I do my best to make sure of that because I LOVE to test my limits. It’s different from competitors because the company just started in May and already I have sparked a lot of interests. Everything you will see, has been my first time doing any of it. So far I have not seen any road blocks aside from a space to put the extra cakes and supplies so I can’t make as much as I would like. I can get around them by hopefully wowing viewers and winning the funding for the company!


Anyone who is interested in heartfelt gifts or just a sweet treat will benefit from this idea. Their lives will change because they will have found a cake decorator who is loyal and listens to their ideas to make them come to life in cake form! The real potential that this idea has is that I believe it can become a storefront and I can support my three boys and myself. I could ship cakes and other goodies to provide more smiles across the U.S or even the world!

What I Will Do With $5,000

I would use the $5000 to put towards more promotion (banners, signs, business cards) and purchasing even more supplies to keep the business going. Thus far I have put A LOT of money into this idea and I’m very happy with the out come. This grant could change so much!

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About Micah Chambers

My name is Micah Miracle Chambers. I’m 23 and a single mommy of three boys. While working and going to school for nursing my idea was born. I have been trying to find my passion and calling since I had my first son in 2017. I finally found it and it keeps me happy to make other happy and be creative. I do have a story (which everyone does) but that is what drives me to never give up and give my boys better than I had.

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