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Michigan Beer

Michigan Beer

Brian Glowe 128 Views

Remember back in the 90s when everyone was drinking Pepsi and other sodas?  While everyone was gulping down their favorite caramel colored carbonated sugar water, Pepsi ran the popular Pepsi points loyalty program.  The more pop you drank, the more Pepsi points you earned. You then redeemed the points in the Pepsi store for swag, toys and other items.

Today, MI Beer Maps is bringing the points challenge back!  When you drink MI craft beers and visit MI breweries, you will earn brew points in the app. These points can then be redeemed for cool swag, gift cards or tickets to beer events and tours.

Beer drinkers already love to share what their drinking with apps like Untappd. But instead of earning some random digital sticker on your profile, MI Beer Maps allows you to earn things you can wear, use and experience- IRL.


This app will help to generate business for the Michigan breweries who employ our neighbors and pay taxes to our states.  MI Beer Maps will create value by rewarding loyal customers while also creating actionable data for brewers.  The product roadmap I have for MI Beer Maps has a handful of additional revenue streams to be leveraged once the brand is established with a community of engaged users.

What I Will Do With $5,000

It is all about creating buzz, awareness, and getting users.  The strategy is to get out in front of the users at festivals, breweries, facebook while also running contests.
$500-1k: design for logo, apparel, and collateral
$500: Copyrights and trademarks
$200: MBG membership
$500:Contest prize event tickets (Summer Beer Festival, Founders Fest, etc)
$750 Facebook ads
$1000: Branded bev napkins or coasters to be given to breweries for free.
$1000: initial inventory of brew point prizes

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About Brian Glowe

I am a product manager for mobile software. I like to build things and drink MI beers, so I built this app. I submitted another idea to 5x5 night years ago called Loqal Refill.

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