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Mindset Meals

Mindset Meals

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We assist individuals and organizations who want their members to live a healthy lifestyle and sustain a positive mindset by delivering healthy, ready-to-eat meals directly to our customers.

Our competitors really emphasis on convenience. Our service also is a convenient way to live a healthier lifestyle but we hit on the importance of a healthy mind as well.  We offer fitness programs with Mindset Sessions. We provide mindful tips.

Roadblock; lack of knowledge, lack of capital, lack of resources


Individuals or organizations who understand the importance of a healthier lifestyle. Notice how I said healthier and not the healthiest, we are not a diet company. We understand that what you eat has a direct correlation to your mindset. We impact people who want to live an impactful, positive, healthiER lifestyle but may fall short.

What I Will Do With $5,000

Our head chef has recently decided to move on to other opportunities that better fit her and her children. I own a food business with now chef, that’s like having a car with now gas. We would use this money to help us find a chef that best fits our needs AND who we can help grow as an individual.

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Adversity will either crumble you or build the foundation for your success! I'm trying everything in my power to not let adversity crumble me but trying to start a business in West Michigan while being brown AND having an 13-year-old felony is the opposite of easy.

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