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Craig Huff 115 Views

We are giving people who are introverted and don’t want to bother employees with questions an easy way of doing their shopping. “self-checkout” style

Some example of roadblocks are…
Q- Why do you assume retailers would want people in your app instead of their in-store app?
A- What we’ve found working with retailers is they actually take a bigger picture view. When they see a customer using our app, they see a customer who is investing time in shopping at their brick and mortar locations. They like that. They also see an app that’s making the shopping experience smoother for that customer. They like that, too. When the customer could be sitting on their couch shopping at Amazon, Walmart sees we are a partner in keeping the retail business alive.
Still, they could decide to kill us. We don’t think they will. And if they do, the skills we’ve learned in API calls, web scraping, app design — those are going to help us for years, not just on this one app. Thanks for the question!


1. Introverts whom would rather ask their phone a question rather than a person.

2. Husbands that get sent to the store by their wives. These husbands usually are on the phone within 2 minutes of walking into the store asking their wife where something is at.

What I Will Do With $5,000

iSO development.

Obtaining store API’s


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About Craig Huff

I just graduated valedictorian with my BBA in Accounting and Finance and plan on working for my MBA this upcoming fall. I am passionate about entrepreneurship, numbers, religion, and networking. I hope that Minva makes peoples lives a little easier.

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