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Mobi - The Mobility & Recovery Tool for Athletes

Mobi - The Mobility & Recovery Tool for Athletes

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Mobi was created by Dr. Jason Ross, Doctor of Chiropractic and Strength Coach. As a former world-class athlete competing around the world, to now treating world-class athletes around the world, Dr. Ross has experienced first-hand the struggles that athletes of all caliber face - mobility, fatigue and recovery. Mobi was designed to solve these universal challenges.

The greatest strength of Mobi is its versatility. Its unique shape, contours and edges allow users to easily and effectively target all areas of the body using a variety of techniques,  regardless of the type of athlete or sport they are involved in. Mobi has a sleek and compact design allowing users to take it wherever they go, making it easy to become a part of an athlete’s routine - a critical element to sustainable results. The “all-in-one” functionality, combined with it’s compact frame and online guided tutorials, make Mobi the only tool every athlete should have in their bag.


Our 3 prototypes have already begun to make a real impact on our early users. They have been to a training facility in Phoenix, performance center in Wisconsin, and a CrossFit gym in Grand Rapids among other places - all providing very positive feedback. A few of their comments can be found on our website. The global massage equipment market is projected to grow 6% annually to $24B by 2021 (Technavio), but our addressable market is initially weekend warriors and elite athletes in the US.

What I Will Do With $5,000

$4,100 towards a mold and $900 towards our August Kickstarter campaign.

The money for a mold is critical to our early success, which will reduce the unit cost for our first run and allow us to reinvest into the company. Marketing dollars for the Kickstarter campaign are also vital to get in front of as many potential users as possible and help us meet, and surpass, our goal.

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About Jason Ross

Dr. Jason Ross DC. I'm a local chiropractor and strength coach that opened Train Out Pain Chiropractic in 2010 in downtown Grand Rapids. We currently work with a variety of people from general population and Weekend Warriors to Professional athletes. We blend chiropractic/rehab with strength training. I have a background in Track/Field, Rugby, Bobsled and several other sports. My wife, Kelly, is a GRPS Special Ed teacher and we have two girls, Piper (5) and Skyler (2) that keep us busy.

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