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MOKI Skin Care

MOKI Skin Care

Maria Nevai 265 Views

Many skin care products contain synthetics, chemicals, and toxic ingredients and we want safer, better choices. Markets offering skin care made with naturals are experiencing strong growth, and MOKI is well positioned to attract the conscientious consumer. MOKI offers skin care products formulated with a vintage recipe from the 1940’s salons of Paris, and effectively moisturize, sooth and heal the skin. These moisturizer blends have been hand crafted with love and care, and used by our family for over seventy years. MOKI skin care products are for the discriminating consumer who wants a safe and effective skin care solution, and appreciates timeless luxury. E-commerce competitors with natural products provide a challenge that MOKI will approach through effective business and marketing strategy, quality products and customer service, and an exceptional leadership team.


Our skin is a major, essential organ, deserving of careful care and MOKI products empower us with a healthier choice. As new businesses grow and prosper, our communities and economy do better as well. The growing skin care segment of the cosmetics industry strengthens and diversifies our area’s portfolio of innovative companies. MOKI Skin Care would infuse new investment into our economy, create new and better jobs, and serve as one more testimony that Michigan is a GREAT place for business!

What I Will Do With $5,000

Funds are needed for MOKI Skin Care to progress, with an immediate need to protect intellectual property. Funds are also needed to purchase ingredients and materials, compile a market survey, facilitate a focus group, and implement a marketing campaign. If selected as 5x5 Night’s September winner, all of the award will go towards helping MOKI Skin Care gain traction and generate cash flow in the near future.

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About Maria Nevai

Maria Nevai brings over twenty years of experience in sales, marketing, communications, program management, and launching new initiatives. Maria possesses a broad perspective for solving challenges from working in different industries, including real estate, pharmaceuticals, renewable energy, and economic development. Her strengths in strategic planning, team leadership, maximizing resources and care to customer service, will surely lend an advantage to a successful venture with MOKI Skin Care.

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