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MomHive will be a coworking and community center for moms, offering on-site childcare, a beautiful and efficient workplace, and programming specifically to support moms as they work, network with other moms, and grow as complete people. It is a local coworking community who GETS MOMS- and is actively re-writing the script on the current at-home mom life. We are creating professional and personal development programming that understands the unique challenges of working from home with children, and hosting social events that will create community with like-minded women. Our obvious roadblocks are communicating the concept to investors or landlords who are unfamiliar with coworking, or justifying the need for this service to non-moms. We will get around these with persistent and strategic marketing to our ideal audience- and will blow them away with the excitement and commitment to the community we are already building in our audience of work-from-home moms!


MomHive benefits women, especially moms, or soon-to-be moms in the Grand Rapids area. The real potential is retention of moms in the workforce and the strength of the community in Grand Rapids. The most significant way to retain women in their role after having their first child is flexibility in the workplace. This includes organizations providing moms the ability to work from home. MomHive will allow moms to focus on work in a beautiful space and network with other moms in town.

What I Will Do With $5,000

We want our space to be as beautiful as the women who work in it. The $5,000 will allow us to purchase furnishings and supplies that are specific to our clients’ needs. We also want to expand our marketing reach to moms in the Greater Grand Rapids area. We plan to use online marketing and local media, as well as throw launch parties to educated and invite women to join. We can be successful in these areas with additional funding that will significantly support our success as we launch.

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