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momHIVE: Coworking + Childcare

momHIVE: Coworking + Childcare

Alyssa Cairns and Kelly Palm 236 Views

momHIVE is a community space for professional women. We are disrupting the work-from-home lifestyle, and bringing together ambitious women who previously were working in isolation: often juggling primary parenthood and remote/virtual jobs all from the same space at the same time.

We’re here to say NO MORE to the struggle-bus-working-mom-hustle that so many of us have become accustomed to- and encouraging women to give themselves permission to focus on just ONE THING at a time. Permission to WORK, and permission to be more present as a parent once your work is complete.

We offer shared coworking office space will full amenities (bottomless coffee, printing, and wifi) in a welcoming and inspiring Eastown location. Childcare is provided 4 hrs/day on-site so moms know their little ones are nearby and well cared for. We’re giving working moms a space to focus, resources to support their businesses, and a community who genuinely understands the struggles of this chapter of adulthood.


By supporting working moms, we are improving the local economic strength of Grand Rapids! Not only do our members benefit from finally having a resource that lets them pursue their careers without the added stress and expense of childcare, employers benefit from knowing their staff have a dedicated space to work and be productive.  momHIVE is a community resource for female business owners and working moms that has never been available before.

What I Will Do With $5,000

Since opening our childcare space in August 2019, we quickly maxed out memberships that relied on the childcare in order to join momHIVE. With this $5,000 we will double the capacity of our on-site childcare space by combining two rooms into one connected space. This will allow for two staff members to work as a team and care for 12 children at a time more efficiently, allowing over 30 more women to join our space as members each month.

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About Alyssa Cairns and Kelly Palm

After 7 years in higher education, Alyssa stayed home with baby #2 and an online interior design biz. She is the catalyst and community organizer for momHIVE, and hopes to make the transition to working-while-parenting easier for other GR women. Kelli is a recent transplant to Grand Rapids that comes from a background in tech working with start-ups. She balances mom life, wife life, work life, and grad student life. Kelli is thrilled to support MomHive to build a community of like minded women.

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